A little word on the guilty… Lionel Lucas, a man in his the early thirties. Part time blogger at Caradisiac (a french website dedicated to automotive news) since 2006 and a civil engineer, and I used this as an excuse to drive some politically incorrect cars (Skyline GT-R, F355, Camaros and Mustangs) to check their 0 to 60 times and their maximum speed, on German highway, of course. In parallel to this passion for American V8s, I also had the “chance” to own a lot of 106 Rallyes, which gave me the taste for high revs. Once they were correctly tuned, my Rallyes were regularly, mostly at 8000 rpm, but I wanted more!

As I’m not brave enough to ride a bike, I had only one choice left : drive a Type R. At this moment, the understanding I had about sporty driving changed. Thanks to its conception and its philosophy, my Civic Type R (FN2) gave me the pleasure and a precise drive I craved. A real passion was born. It was this Civic that gave me the will to preach the Honda vision.

Moreover, I didn’t find any book that covered this story… I hope you take as much pleasure reading it, as I have writing it. It’s a book made for real enthusiasts with a passion about driving. Shall the flame of passion that burns in our souls never be extinguished, whilst resisting the right-thinking people! Automobile pollution represents less than 15% of the CO2 produced annually in France. We can consider that our Type R’s are therefore less harmful to the environment than the lack of efficient responses to the global warming.

You keep in mind that you’re completely “off road” literally speaking. It’s not a novel, not a technical review, nor a historical book. I offer you an adventure to this special moment where passion chases reason. A road to the Red zone.